Flynn Reef: An Underwater Paradise in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef | Dive In

Flynn Reef offers dive sites unlike any other, with swim-throughs, expansive coral fields, overhangs, wall dives and a vast collection of marine life. The hard coral is home to many sea creatures you can swim with when diving in this one-of-a-kind destination in Cairns. Flynn Reef has many well-known dive sites, including Tracy’s Boomie, Tennis Court, Coral Gardens and Gordon’s Mooring. These sites offer excellent diving opportunities as abundant marine life and thrilling hard and soft corals to explore.

Marine Life

The variety of marine life is fantastic!  You are likely to see clownfish, batfish, trout, cod, fusiliers, butterflyfish and angelfish, basslets and whitetip reef shark, grey reef sharks, moray eels, octopus, lionfish, barracuda and nudibranchs. With coral gardens covering the sandy bottom of the reef, you’ll come up close to table coral, boulder coral heads, and plates. The vibrant, hard and soft corals are a spectacular sight, where giant clams, fan coral and staghorn find refuge. Mackerel and trevally also frequent the water of Flynn Reef.

You will also be able to explore swim-throughs and many wall dives. When you dive even further, you’ll see turtles, reef crabs and painted lobsters– making it an excellent location for night dives. Even at night, when the reef is more active, you can seek adventure in the many small caves, crevasses and overhangs. You will witness a feeding ground for sharks and schools of barracuda and become one with the reef system as you explore the marine ecosystem.

Although Flynn Reef is one of the closest reefs to the continental shelf and the Pacific Ocean, it’s only 30 minutes from Cairns. There are many dive sites at this reef, suitable for beginner and experienced divers and even snorkelers. You’re also likely to see dolphins, sharks and whales!

Flynn Reef offers ideal diving year-round; however, when visiting the reef from November to December, you’ll see the corals during their annual spawning– a ‘bucket list’ experience. Flynn Reef and its various dive sites are perfect for any diving enthusiast.