Moore Reef Cairns


Moore Reef is located approximately 49.5 kilometres east of Cairns and spans an area of 2,650 hectares.  There are 16 tourist moorings, one pontoon mooring, and one helicopter mooring available at this Reef location.

With a depth of 1-25 metres, this site suites novice to advanced divers and snorkelers.

This site has abundant marine life with staghorn thickets and 22-metre slopes with bommies and swim-throughs.

During the day, visitors will see damselfish, soft corals, wrasse, parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish and surgeon fish.

There are resident Maori wrasse, rays and schools of grey Reef sharks.  Night divers will enjoy crayfish, nudibranchs, caps and worms, and it is ideal for underwater photography.

During your stay at this location, you can enjoy a semi-submersible experience, a scenic helicopter tour, and a glass-bottom boat ride.

There is an underwater observatory for visitors who would not get their feet wet instead.

Because of the numerous bommies that break the water’s surface on this large northern coral atoll, this scuba diving paradise is conveniently located not far from Cairns and provides scuba divers with breathtaking experiences.  The walls of the Outer Reef drop off to depths of more than 30 metres, making it possible to encounter large schools of fish.  Waterslides are available for thrill seekers at the stationary marine base.

This Reef is a horseshoe and features three large mooring areas specifically for Reef pontoon operators.

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