Reef Fleet Terminal Cairns 1 Spence Street, Queensland 4870

Reef Fleet Terminal and the Cairns Marina is the landmark for Cairns Great Barrier Reef Tours.  Here you will find Outer Great Barrier Reef, Green Island, and Fitzroy Island tours.

While visiting Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Cairns Marina is where the best Great Barrier Reef tours from Cairns depart.

Inside the Reef Fleet Terminal, check-in desks for the following Great Barrier Reef tours.

Great Adventures

Ocean Spirit

Green Island


3-day liveaboard


Spirit of Cairns Dinner Cruise


Other boats like Reef Experience and Reef Encounter check in directly on their boats.


Cairns Marina

Cairns Marina

Cairns Marina, also called the Marlin Marina, is behind the Pier Shopping centre.  You will find a fantastic variety of the best Great Barrier Reef tours here.

When looking for a Cairns Great Barrier Reef tour, you will find the best pick at the Southern end of the Marlin Marina.

The Northern end of the Marlin Marina is where Superyachts worldwide come to see our great region.

While in the centre of the Cairns Marina, you will find a host of Cairns fishing trips.

There are also liveaboard tours where you can go and stay on the Great Barrier Reef.

Restaurants and hotels

Lined along the foreshore are several five-star hotels and the pick of Cairns’s best restaurants.